Dean had dropped a pretty penny on their hotel. He'd driven them upstate in the Suburban, their suitcases loaded in the back, so that first thing after he was done with work Friday they could head out. He didn't tell her where they were going and about eight miles from the hotel, he'd told her to put a blindfold on. When they arrived, he instructed her to take it off, parking outside the lodge. He wasn't sure what she'd like, so he'd picked someplace with both indoor and outdoor activities, though he truthfully figured that this early in the relationship, they'd be spending quite a bit of time in the room, too. Ahem. 

Dean bit his bottom lip, sliding the key from the ignition. "What do you think?"
After working a double shift on Thursday, Isabella had managed to get her Friday off, and after sleeping most of the morning away she was very well rested. By the time that Dean had shown up she was more than ready to go; she wasn't lying, patience was not a virtue she possessed, and she certainly was curious as to what it was he had planned. Once they were on their way and he'd asked her to put a blindfold on, she couldn't help but smile, and even made a crack about using it later on. Once it was off again, and she got to see where they were at, she couldn't even pretend that she wasn't surprised. He'd told her she'd like it, but she never thought he'd go that all out with it. It wasn't a cheap weekend, that she was sure of.

Turning to look at him, she shrugged her shoulders, a tiny smile touching her lips. "Oh, I don't know.." Laughing a little, she leaned in closer to him, placing a quick kiss to his lips. "Love it.."
He smirked, stroking a hand over her hair. "Good," he murmured. Dean slid out of the car then, grabbing their bags before meeting her at the front of the building, his free hand falling to the small of her back. He guided her through the front doors and then up to the mountain. He'd booked a lake view room with a private balcony and a bellhop came to take their bags up to their room while they got checked in. A few minutes later, they were in the room. Dean took off his coat and gloves, hanging it up in the closer by the door before coming up behind her, his hands on her shoulders. He squeezed, massaging her slowly before bending to kiss the side of her neck. "What do you want to do first? Are you hungry? You wanna get some dinner, or....? Anything you want." He wouldn't mind kayaking at some point during the trip but didn't care when and he'd paid for a massage and a nail appointment for her at the spa Sunday morning.
Once inside their room, Isabella couldn't help but look around; everything was beautiful, and she really couldn't believe he'd actually done that. She wasn't sure what she expected, but when she told him she wanted to leave the city for a bit, she never in a million years thought that was where she would be staying. Leaning back against him when he came up behind her, she smiled once more. She had a feeling there was going to be a lot of smiling that weekend. There was so much they could do, and she wanted to make sure he had as good a time as she knew she was -- whatever he wanted to do, she was more than up for. "Dinner sounds good.." She said, her eyes closing when his lips touched her neck. Whether he knew it or not, her neck had always been a weakness of hers, and it sent a shiver down her body. "We can order someting in.. relax for a bit.. I'm sure you're tired.."
Normally, Dean would've had to be dragged kicking and screaming on a romantic weekend. They reeked of coupledom and commitment, things which hadn't ever really appealed to him before. But Is was different. This was different - in part because they'd known each other for so damn long that in spite of the general shininess of their relationship, she didn't feel new. He was comfortable with her - like they'd been doing this far, far longer than they had. And they worked. He hadn't ever thought about it before, but they were pretty damn compatible when all was said and done. He cared about her, more deeply than he had for a woman in quite some time.

His arms wrapped tighter around her, stroking at her stomach. "Room service works for me. I can lie down for awhile, sure." He felt the shiver and smiled, smirking to himself as it occurred to him that the kind of relaxing she might want to do had nothing to do with napping. His mouth drug slowly up her neck and he nibbled at the lobe of her ear. Issy smelled amazing and he inhaled deeply, giving a soft rumble of approval from deep in his throat, smoothing his hands upward, cupping her breasts. "But I should probably warn you that I ain't tired..." He grinned.
"I was hoping you weren't." She laughed, her hands rubbing over his arms as he wrapped them around her, a small sigh leaving her lips when his hands moved upward toward her breasts. She knew it had to be the newness of the relationship, or the fact that she'd wondered about it for years, but she'd be lying if she said she wouldn't be content with just staying in that night. Tomorrow was a different day, and they had all the time in the world to explore what was around them; that day she had different plans, and he seemed to be catching onto them.

She bit down on her lip, her body relaxing against him as his lips made their way up her neck. "You know, Dean.." Sliding his hands back down to her hips, she turned her body around, her hands hooking around his neck once she was facing him. "If you continue to do that.." She emphasized her words by bringing her lips down to his neck, placing a small kiss there before making a trail to his lips. "We won't be doing much going out today.."