Letting out a long sigh, Samantha dropped her bag on the floor as she searched for her keys. She'd been doing those 24 hour shifts for a very long time, ever since she started working at the station, but unlike now, she hadn't been as emotionally drained then. It had been a very long day at work -- one call right after the other, without any signs of stopping. Luckily for her, and everyone else, she'd been able to get through them all without the same incident of the previous day. She had enough on her mind as it was, the last thing she needed was a repeat attack.

Opening the door to the house she couldn't help but feel a sense of relief. Everything was finally put behind her and she could finally relax and not worry about anything. Laughing softly to herself she couldn't help but think of her roommate, and all the crazy antics he'd probably gotten himself into while she was gone. She knew Jinx -- him and boredom didn't agree with each other. He'd always, find a way to make his day much more interesting.. Even when that meant shocking the hell out of Samantha. As she grabbed a hold of her bag once more, she kicked the door open with her foot, only to find her roommate, plopped on the floor, his latest idea quite hard for her to miss. "Uh, Jinx..?" Shaking her head slightly, she walked past him and into the kitchen, trying to hide the amusement clearly written on her face. A few seconds later she came back out, a glass of water in hand and a small smile on her face. "Bored?"


He didn't hear Sam's entrance, he was too busy yelling out Metallica's version of "Whiskey in the Jar" at the top of his lungs. He suddenly sat up to air drum, his mess of blue/green hair swung around his head while he head banged. It was during said head bang that he seem Sam's legs a few feet from him and he busted out laughing to himself -- in sheer amusement. Reaching for the remote to turn the music down, he hopped up quite quickly from the floor, tossing the remote to the side again then started to rub his gloved hands together in a mischievious manner.

"Bored? Hmph" he scoffed, his pale greens taking a quick look around the room before he looked back to her bright smile "I dunno what boredom is! Get in some clothes that you don't mind getting messy, Princesa. I want you to help me!" He realized he had been on the outside of her life lately -- their jobs sort of kept them apart. He still hadn't properly moved in yet, there was way too many boxes in 'his' room that had to be unpacked AND a trampoline for the backyard still packed up. So while she still looked tired and in need of a hug, he hoped to perk her up a little and get some bonding time in. "Can I get a hug first though?" He asked curiously, those big arms spreading to make plenty of room for her


Smiling to herself, Samantha watched as Jinx seemed to lose himself in his own little world. Unable to hide the amused look that touched her features, she waved her hand in front of his face, trying to get his attention back -- finally opting for lightly tapping his nose. It was something she had seen a million times before, but something she still found to be very endearing. It had always been all the simple things that had brought a smile to her face. Some close to ten years of knowing the other, and it seemed like he'd been able to improve her mood many of times with something as simple as a weird idea, or even a hug -- which she had not missed how gently he'd truly done so at that moment, considering his usual pounce when they'd not seen the other in a while.

Watching him now, as he turned back to face his latest of ideas, she couldn't help but notice how eager he truly was about it. It had been a while since she had taken a part of any of his creations, and now that he was doing so, in the very corner wall of her own home -- she couldn't say no to him. She'd truly always enjoyed his crazy antics, even when she'd at times tried giving him a hard time about it. As he pushed her toward the steps, and urged her into getting changed so she could join him, she laughed out loud, turning to face him when she was halfway up the stairs. "You know, Jinx.. I think you'd just about fall in love with my house in Florida." He'd never been there, not since she just recently herself got it, but the mural in her dining room was something she knew he'd enjoy. "The dining room just screams you.." That said, she made it up the stairs and into her bedroom. She'd showered while at the station, before making it home, so in reality, all she needed to do was change. Grabbing a pair of grey sweats and a white tank, she quickly put the on, then made it back outside where her best friend waited. "So.. let's semi destroy my house."


He was quite lucky that Sam was as understanding as she was and knew how to knock him out of those weirded out trances. He'd probably be there for another few odd minutes thinking to himself if she hadn't bopped his nose -- to which he always crossed his eyes and wiggled it in retaliation. They really did compliment each oher in the weirdest ways but it totally did work for them. He was hardly sad , he couldn't remember the last time he even shed a tear around her! And while she had her bad times he'd a) hug and snug and tried to understand what was going on or b) distract. This was going to be a grand distraction!

Watching her walk back up the stairs, he leaned against the post and rolled his eyes, giving her a wave while she made her way to her room. "Does it have a BIIIIIIG rainbow?" he called up to her when she mentioned the mural then chuckled to himself and wandered back over to the corner of the wall. Oh, she thought they were going to be making a mural, eh? He snickered to himself while he pulled out some buckets of paint he had hidden behind the couch and popped em open along with a few brushes -- some wide, thin, thick, etc. Even little ones! He was always into paints, whether he was close to being an artist was a whole other story -- he mostly used the paints for his own body when he got bored or for his stage shows. The glow paint was his fave for the black lights! So, this stuff could easily wash off her walls if she didn't like what they did -- AND off the body easily. Her shower was probably...no.. definitely going to be useless by the time he was done with her.

By the time she came back downstairs, he had pulled off his right armband and started up a little red and blue design down his arm. It was his time passer while he waited! Once he spotted her, the painbrush automatically went down while he clapped his hands together excitedly. "Awesome!" he jogged over to her, took her hand that pulled her over in front of the wall with long strides "Now.. do a sexy pose for me and hold your breath!" Before she had time to protest, he took up the bucket of red paint .... and THEW its contents at her. Yes. THREW it. the paint went SPLASH over her but made a lovely splatter behind her! Mural.. right. He busted out laughing with a big grin. "We're gonna body paint!" he exclaimed, waiting for her reaction. Part of him was ready to bolt....


As Samantha found herself being pulled back into the room by Jinx, she let her mind wonder to all the events of the last few days. Whatever it was that he had in mind, whatever he'd been planning all day and had him so excited right now, she probably needed. There was too much going on with her life at the moment, and she still didn't know how she felt about any of it. Snapping out of her thoughts, she looked around, noticing how he'd set everything up in the time it had taken her to come back downstairs. Different paints of buckets, paint brushes.. And he now suddenly had that look on his face that she knew she shouldn't trust -- Not to mention the bucket he was holding on his hands.

"The Fu.." She wasn't even able to finish her statement before she saw nothing but red coming in her direction. She only had enough time to close her eyes, turning her head to the side. She was not quick enough to keep it from hitting her body, however. Paint. Everywhere. Whatever Samantha was expecting that was not it. That wasn't to say she hadn't expected paint -- all the plastic and newspapers telling her as much. Never did she once think it would end up on herself, though. Slowly bringing her hands up to her face, she wiped some of the paint off, letting out a deep breath as she looked at him. There was something very wrong with that boy, or maybe it was very right -- she hadn't decided yet. One thing she did know, though; There would never be a boring moment in that house. Under normal circumstances she wouldn't have minded a 'friendly fight'.. a small struggle.. Everything he was probably expecting her to do at that moment.. but after everything that had been going on the last few days, after everything she'd found out -- she'd calmed down a bit. Instead she shook her head, wiping the paint against his shirt. "Body paint?" She laughed, finding herself somewhat amused. Only he could come up with such a thing.


Jinx still stood there with that WAY too big grin on his face as she just stood there at first --doing nothing. He dropped the bucket, proud of himself! Even with that splash, nothing had gotten on anything that he had left uncovered and the void her body left on the splatter behind her on the wall would be 'her space' to what what she wanted in! When she let out the deep breath, his attention went back to her and his eyes sort of darted from side to side, looking for the quickest exit. But to his surprise, all he got was a little paint splatter to his shirt. He pfted and rolled his eyes, taking both her hands and putting them on his 'moobs' so that he now had what looked like her fondling fingers on his shirt.

"Yes. Body paint" he nodded firmly "And it washes off so we can just scrub it off the wall later if it looks horrendous orrrrr" he smooched the tip of her nose "seal it so it's there forever!" he nodded then handed her the bucket of blue paint. Dipping his hands in that, he smooshed his hands over her 'boob's on her shirt so she had a matching grabby hands imprint. "Now you get revenge and you can do it to me too!" He left her side to go over to the other side of the wall, looking very expectant. The face she hadn't reacted how he expected her to was sort of disappointing -- they could obviously talk about it during their body painting though! Something big was bothering her and he'd get it out of her hopefully without the huge depressing site down and talk about it scenario. Paint could be a real good venting agent anyways. "C'mon! Lay it on me!" he urged.


She shook her head, letting him grab her hands and place them over his chest -- squeezing slightly to leave the fondling prints on him. "You're a sick puppy, you know that?" She laughed, smearing some paint across his nose, then proceeding to do the same to herself, leaving a trail of blue paint across her neck and chest. She couldn't deny that she was starting to feel much better, even forgetting how tired she'd been first coming into the house.

She knew he had been expecting so much more than just a mere splatter on his shirt, and she had to admit, she was very tempted to at the very least empty the entire contents of the bucket over his head -- Not that she believed he'd mind.. his hair was a myriad of colors as it was already. At that point, she herself was an interesting shade of red, and she knew that was only the beginning.. By the time they were done, she'd be just as colorful as he was. Bringing her hands up to her hair, she picked it up in a messy bun, trying to keep it away from her face, succeeding only in adding blue to the mix as well. "God, I feel patriotic.."

Taking a hold of the bucket of paint, Samantha had to laugh when she looked down at the handprints covering her own shirt. Fair was fair after all. Had it been anyone else, she would have minded -- a lot. It coming from Jinx, though.. she couldn't really fight him on it -- They'd known the other long enough to know that there could never really be anything other than friendship between them. A friendship that seemed to grow day by day.. enough to allow her to share just about anything with him, regardless of how it looked to anyone else. "Now we're talking.." She smirked, lightly biting down on her lip as she watched him walk over to the wall, next to her own splatter. Following his example she gave him no time to react, instead just threw the paint at him. Laughing softly, she shrugged her shoulders and walked back up to him. "Suddenly... I feel much better."


It was amusing to Jinx that no matter how close they got, they still had their separate lives where they literally weren't up each others butts all the time. Some 'besties' were always up in each others biz, privacy seemed to be a limited thing and nosy? Ew, brown nosing nosy even. Perhaps it was their work-a-holicness though that kept them from being one of those annoying 'do everything together' best friends, which he was fine with. At least sometimes. Moments like these he did wish to have more of simply because her laugh always made him laugh and then when they both laughed it got contagious and it all turned into a gigglefit for no reason at all. But the privacy was nice -- he knew when he moved in that the privacy wouldn't be an issue. They practically worked opposite shifts. He was thankful for her days off when he could grab her up like this! It gave him a time to catch up on her life just because he thought he did miss out a lot on her own. Well, she didn't know much of his own either but he didn't have any 'relationships' outside of a few of her cousins and the odd groupie. He lived through her life sometimes!

He was glancing over to her splatter for a second just to see how nicely hers had panned out -- even though he had urged her to 'bring it on', his current distraction made him forget he was about to get slaughtered in paint himself! So when he turned to face her again, the big blue blob that came at him completely took him by surprise... but OH he loved it! He let out a HUGE laugh when he was splattered with the colorful stuff, completely and utterly amused by the mess around him now. "I told you that I'd make you have fun!" he spoke up, grabbing her up in a hug this time that made the paint between their bodies squish squish squish. He giggled.. yes.. giggled before he let her go agaun and turned around to admire the artwork so far, hands on hips.

Then, out of nowhere, he dipped his hands in the yellow paint, placed them in the splatter on his side of the wall then just randomly put the patterns everywhere while he smooshed his body up against the wall too leaving an imprint of the colors that was left on his clothes. He wasn't KIDDING when he said they could body paint! "Your body is a piece of arrrrt" he grinned back at her, playfully grinding against the wall so it made an hilarious swirl on the wall when he leaned back. He snickered then nodded to the brushes "Do whatever you like! It'll be fun!"


Everything was perfect. She couldn't remember the last time she'd let go of everything and simply acted like a young girl again. That was something she had always been jealous of Jinx about -- he didn't let things get to him. And if they did he was pretty good about not showing it. She'd always prided herself in not letting her emotions get the better of her, but it wasn't until she'd met him so many years before that she realized just how wrong she was. Sometimes she wished she could be more like him and simply make the best of what was handed to her. That was exactly the reason why she didn't care about anything they did at the moment. Under normal circumstances, the mess they were making wouldn't have been something she'd have too much fun with, but now.. Jinx was without even realizing it, showing her how to be happier with much simpler things.

She smiled. A big smile that she'd not been able to let out since she'd last come back from Florida. It was times like those when she was grateful her best friend could be such a goof ball! They didn't have to say anything in order to have a good time. He was definitely enjoying himself, and just because of that, she herself was too. She couldn't stop laughing, and standing there, watching him, she seriously wondered if she was doing the right thing by wanting to leave. Walking backwards as she watched him excitedly working on the wall, she grabbed another bucket of paint, a bright green that time. In all honestly, she no longer cared if they got pain everywhere, as long as she was able to wash it off, if it got anywhere else other than that wall.

Walking back toward the wall herself, she stood next to him, her back pressed against his as she pushed both him and herself into the wall, the bucket of paint quickly coming up and little by little dripping onto them. It seemed with all the talk about stripper poles and dancing, the idea was fully embedded into her, and as the paint hit her body, she swayed her body against the wall, in a very "stripperesque" fashion, leaving an interesting group of patters and designs as she went. Then, reaching over and dipping her hand in his bucket of paint, she swung her hand around, sending a splatter of paint in the direction of the wall, and onto Jinx. Laughing to herself she looked over at him with a small shrug of her shoulders, her hand leaving a trail of paint along the wall, even while she wasn't looking. "Remind me why I've never done this before..?"


For some reason, Jinx was always about making everyone around him happy. It was a priority-- yes that could be tiring but it was something he adopted over his years, especially going from home to home as a kid. But, since becoming a musician, keeping those who were his fans content had become a whole new chapter of extreme happy! But he never forgot his friends, and lately it seemed like Sam wasn't all too happy and that only urge him to think of weird and wacky things to bring a smile to her face -- even if it fried his own brains from spending hours thinking about it. He was extremely pleased that this silly idea was seemingly working. Right now he was mentally giving himself a pat on the back, even if she was currently pouring even more paint over them!!

He giggled, closing his eyes tightly while he shimmied against her back with the paint dripping over themselves "Wohoooo we're rainbows" he laughed then smooshed himself back against his wall. Yes, yes yes! She was totally getting into this and while she danced around her own wall he too tried to mock her moves -- not looking all too attractive with a male doing it but nevertheless, it was fun! Covering himself when paint flicked his way while she was creating her masterpiece, he shrugged at her question before cupping both her cheeks in his paint slaughtered hands "You never done this before cuz you've been spending so much time away from Jinxy! This is what happens. You get boring!" he teased, then pinched her cheeks before going back to his disasterpiece, dipping each of his fingers in different buckets of colors then smeared that on his side

Despite this all being fun, his eyes peered at her from the corner, sucking his bottom lip into his mouth then went back to his wall "How've ya been, SamSam seems so tired and sad. I don't like sad!" That was a small nudge to catch up on her life, of course


As she watched him, she couldn't help but smile. She knew exactly what he was trying to do. It had been a while.. a LONG while since they had so much as shared weird stories.. or just complained about bad dates to the other. Lately there was always something getting in the way of letting them catch up. If it wasn't her job.. it was her need to get away and relax elsewhere.. It had not even been two weeks that they'd been living together that she had first taken off on vacation.. and now, about a month in, she was seriously contemplating doing the same -- even when the reasons behind it were completely different. Hell, she should just drag him along with her next time she took off.. then she could truly call it a vacation!

She was taken out of her thoughts by his hands squishing her cheeks. She already had paint in places that paint should be! It was made very clear from the minute she stepped foot down the stairs, she would not walk out of

there without needing at least a few showers before she was fully able to get all the paint off. Suddenly she was very happy to have the next day off. It would do her no good to walk into the station with strands of red and blue in her hair. She had enough comments when she went brunette! The rainbow look? She'd never hear the end of.

At his question, she simply shrugged her shoulders. While she knew she'd tell him soon enough, she wasn't exactly ready to share everything just yet. Taking her attention away from her side of the wall, she turned to look at him.. And couldn't help but laugh at his poor imitation of her little dance. They would definitely have all sorts of fun when that pole got installed. She could already see all his attempts at sexy dancing! "If I said I'm doing grrreeeat.. would you believe me?" She laughed softly continuing to randomly paint at the wall. She knew she would have quite a disaster there, but if she was honest with herself she really didn't care. Everyone needed their childish moments, and she was long overdue for one. He was right about something. She really did let herself get boring sometimes! Hopefully her pregnancy would help her change that.. help her find and draw out her inner child. "Honestly..? It's complicated."


He didn't want to suck the fun out of their painting but he figured distracting with a little bit of childishness but mixing it with a bit of adult conversation couldn't hurt too well. And he didn't believe for a second that she was greeeeet. He couldn't pinpoint it -- she had been tired a lot before when coming home from her jobs, her shifts always did it but lately it seemed like a different kind of tired. Drained .. that'd be the key word. "Complicated?" he looked to her with that infamous quirked eyebrow "Complicated is the reason why Sam is so freaking strung out looking, you should tell the Jinxy" he smiled, smearing his handfull of paint away from the wall, wiping it in his shirt while he took a step back to look over his side again. As picasso as it looked, it could have been so much more worst!

"You know I get confused easily so really something complicated would go in one ear and out the other without any real registering at the brain" he joked, wiggling his nose when it got itchy.. Great.. how was he suppose to cure that itch with paint everywhere? Aw, what the heck.. rubbing his nose in the fabric on the shoulder of his tank he looked back over at her with a whole new dab of yellow on his face while he pouted. He knew she was quite immune to the pouts now, but he never tried to stop working them -- she'd tell him when she was ready obviously but he couldn't help but try! "I think my side is done for now" he spoke up randomly